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Celebrating visual arts & culture one comic at a time.

Fave Comics is the home of three (3) webcomics. The music-inspired A Pug Named Fender (est. 2010) features illustrated musicians, Zombie Todd (est. 2013) explores the phenomenon of social media while the all-new I Am Husky Bae (est. 2016) introduces you to a new type of urban mentor.
why 3 webcomics?

Because they embrace three passions.

A Pug Named Fender, Zombie Todd and I Am Husky Bae are three (3) different comics exploring music, the impact of social media and the variety of urban culture, respectively. Each comic strip's theme examines a distinct social construct (or lack thereof) that resonates in the spirit of their creator.


Our webcomics reflect the Fave Media philosophy of creativity, encouragement and excellence.

Web Based

Designed for all devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, etc.), we meet you where you are.

Look and Feel

Each comic has its own style while maintaining a collective synergy.

The Process

We begin with pencil and paper and finish on your screen.


Each webcomic is built on Wordpress using the Webcomic plugin.


Our themes of good music, social media and black male mentorship.


We live to tell the story in imaginative ways.

Supporting You

There's life in laughter and Fave Comics is here to make you smile and laugh with a message.
Team. inspire. create.

Fave Comics is inspired by fellow creatives.

A writer, musician, designer and producer. Licensed minister and unclassically trained chef.
trel "Fave" robinson
creator •  illustrator •  writer

Designer, videographer, zombie addict and international DJ; he's the inspiration behind Zombie Todd (duh!).
todd kelley
"The Big La"

World-class photographer and master of the high-low cuisine.
Tafari Kujichagulia
The Original "Husky Bae"

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